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Workstation Accessories

Our ergonomically designed foot rests and desktop aids are ideal for anyone who spends their workdays seated at a desk.

The flexible ergonomic design of our workstation accessories improves postural health and reduce muscle strain commonly associated with an incorrect posture.



*** ON SPECIAL ***


The ULTIMATE document holder!

Improve posture and reduce neck and shoulder strain!  

    •  Improves working posture and increases comfort at your desk
    •  Instantly adds working space to any desk
    •  Reduces the need to reach, stretch or twist to access paperwork
    •  Allows continuous access to the keyboard as you write
    •  Helps to prioritise work
    • The perfect place to put your smart phone, tablet or calculator
    • Fully adjustable
    • Sturdy, lightweight, transparent 
    • Suitable for left and right handed users
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