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Testimonials and Endorsements

  • I am a driver of a sports car which has Recaro racing seats as a standard feature. However as I drive this car on a daily basis there is a need for me to have some sort of lumber support. I have looked everywhere for this product in department stores such as Target and Lincraft and still couldn't find such a versatile product as the Putnam's Magic Back Support.

    The pain was too much for me in my lower back and I even considered selling my car. I looked into other options such as fabricating a pillow from an upholsterer however this would have been an arduous process as getting the density of the foam to the correct width and cutting out the pillow to fit may have taken some time.

    The Putnam's inflatable lumber support pillow has saved me all this time wasting of creating a pillow and has created an option for me and anyone else that may need to drive my car to use the pillow as it caters for all different shapes and sizes.

    Take my advice and don't waste anymore time of you are looking for a lumber support pillow. It will suit most needs.

    Charles, Cherrybrook NSW

  • KaroPlus Lumbar Support Cushion Endorsement
    “Sitting for prolonged periods may result in lower back pain, specifically in the lumbar region of the spine. This pain is usually associated with an incorrect sitting posture that can increase the pressure in the intervertebral discs in the lumbar area. The moulded KaroPlus Lumbar Support Cushion can reduce the onset of this lower back pain by ensuring that the optimal spinal shape is maintained, even during extended periods of sitting.”   
    Professor Doctor Jan van Tonder, Professor in Ergonomics, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Pretoria

  • “Thanks to the KaroPlus Lumbar Support Cushion, the back ache and tension I have suffered from for years is a thing of the past”   
    M. Allen - Adelaide, Australia

  • “I have suffered from lower back pain for as long as I can remember. After trying everything, only the KaroPlus Lumbar Cushion gave me the relief I was looking for”   
    F. Arnold - Perth, Australia

  • “The KaroPlus Lumbar Cushion has helped me live my life free of the painful back spasms I’d get from driving for long periods”   
    R. Levy - Johannesburg, South Africa

  • "The Wellback Posture Chair has been terrific following my disc operation in Dec 2011 - it's the only comfortable way I can sit. By purchasing two more, I can put one in various places round the house!"  Michael - Canberra, ACT