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The ORIGINAL Back Nodger from the UK - The self massager for those hard to reach knots!


"...a brilliant self massager that helps to release muscle tension and pain in your shoulders, neck and back. Once tried, you'll be addicted - its simple but seriously good!"

Woman & Home Magazine


This method of releasing knots is often known as Accupressure or Shiatsu massage; an ancient Japanese technique used by sports masseurs and physios, the world over, to treat athletes. By applying intense, targeted pressure into knots, known professionally as 'trigger points', you can quickly relieve muscle tension. When the pressure is released, oxygenated blood will rushes to the tissues and relieve the muscle contraction.

So Simple, So Effective...In a world of over engineered gadgets, we have under-engineered the Back Nodger so that it simply lets you release all those irritating knots that you cant reach. It feels like a masseur's thumb, but it comes on a lightweight and portable stick so you can Nodge Your Knots at the desk or even in front of the TV. And because you control the pressure, you just can't hurt yourself!


Once you get your hands on your Back Nodger, you’ll realise why the press have been raving about it and why so many people are becoming addicted to Nodging their knots!

Simply hook the Back Nodger over your shoulder or around your back or neck, apply some pressure and instantly feel the pleasure of relaxing all those irritating knots in all the places you can never quite get to with your own hands. (You’ll know the places. They’re the bits you press that make you go “ooooooooh”!)

Back Nodger is used by top tennis players and a whole host of physios across the world. It has been designed with the help of back experts in London’s leading clinics to be simple and effective.

Back Nodger comes with no gimmicks or frills, no batteries or moving parts. It just does what it says. It relaxes knots and muscle tension. By allowing you to apply deep pressure directly into your own knots, you can massage yourself in much the same way you’d expect from a masseur’s hand, but without the need for the masseur.

Back Nodger is a perfect for anyone who gets soreness, stiffness and tension from everyday activities such as a spot of exercise, sitting at a desk or running around doing chores. And it makes the perfect alternative present!


  • Deep tissue & muscle therapy to relieve muscle tightness, knots, tension and stiffness
  • Instantly Releases trigger-points
  • 2 Nodge Head Massage Points to reach knots right across the body
  • Reinforced steel handle tested to 75Kg direct pressure
  • Ergonomic Non-slip Foam Handle for greater control


Six Simple Steps to Nodging:

  1.  Hold the non-slip handle with 2 hands, one hand above the other.
  2.  Position the Back Nodger red 'Locator Spot' on your knot (knots feel like a tender nodule within muscles)
  3.  Relax your shoulders, tuck your elbows in and inhale deeply. Exhale and relax.
  4.  Apply targeted pressure deep into the knots by pushing the handle away from you.
  5.  Stay relaxed and accept the pressure for one breath in & out.
  6.  Move the Back Nodger head to a different spot within the same knot or to a new knot!

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Back Nodger