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The ACTIVE Range

Karo's new ACTIVE Chair features everything a hi-tech chair should incorporate. Futuristic and stunning good looks, integrated mesh back with an adjustable lumbar support, multi-adjustable armrests, a Synchro mechanism and an optional head rest. This fully imported chair exceeds all ergonomic requirements at a truly affordable price!

Features and benefits:

Quite simply, the ACTIVE chair is designed to impress! From its state of the art design, its mesh backrest with an adjustable lumbar support, the multi-adjustable arm rests and finally the use of either recycled or recyclable materials, the ACTIVE demonstrates Karo's commitment to both modern office chair design and environmental sustainability (see Environmental Assessment).

The breathable MESH used in the ACTIVE allows air to naturally flow through the backrest to cool the user and prevent heat entrapment commonly associated with upholstered backrests. Coupled with a height and depth adjustable lumbar support, this directly improves comfort and levels of concentration, while simultaneously reducing stress levels, irrespective of whether the office is air conditioned or not!

The Multi-adjustable armrests supplied with the ACTIVE are not only height and width adjustable, but the arm pads are also able to be rotated inwards or outwards to suit the particular work situation

An important ergonomic requirement on modern chairs, a synchro mechanism allows Dynamic Sitting which is acknowledged to be highly beneficial to both personal comfort and overall wellbeing during extended periods of sitting. The ACTIVE chair is only available with a FRONTAL PIVOT SYNCHRO mechanism. With its five backrest locking positions, this synchro mechanism has long been acknowledged in Europe as the benchmark swivel & tilt mechanism.

The ACTIVE Chair is supplied standard with a Gas height adjustment. This allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the height of the chair to ensure an ergonomically correct sitting posture.

Task chairs need to be manoeuvrable in order to position the chair correctly in front of the desk or work station. The ACTIVE Chair is now supplied with low friction castors on a 5-Star Base to reduce rolling resistance and improve manoeuvrability.

Last but not least, the ACTIVE Chair is now available with an optional Headrest. This upholstered attachment can easily be adjusted to suit those executives that spend long hours behind their desks.

PDF Active: Environmental Data Sheet